Kathy Sawyer covered space science and technology for The Washington Post for seventeen years, beginning with the 1986 Challenger accident. She has twice been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Her first book won an award for excellence from The National Academies, the nation’s premier scientific advisory body...More →

“When we talk about the marriage of science and journalism, our dilemma is clear. Science is slow, patient, precise, careful, conservative and complicated. Journalism is hungry for headlines and drama, fast, short, very imprecise at times.”
----Sawyer, quoted in Worlds Apart: How the Distance Between Science and Journalism Threatens America’s Future, by Hartz and Chappell (First Amendment Center).

Kathy, in her first book, The Rock From Mars: A Detective Story on Two Planets (Random House) “realizes the full potential of a great science story in all its multidimensional complexity and richness…” –The American Scientist

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Los Angeles Times
"Thanks to Kathy Sawyer's vibrant writing, "The Rock From Mars" unfolds like a Hollywood cliffhanger...” MORE »

The New York Times
"...Ms. Sawyer has a knack for translating complex procedures and ideas into accessible language and vivid images. She also has a gift for political comedy..." MORE »

News & Updates

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